Somerset Public Schools: K-8 Technology Integration

The integration of technology in the educational program of Somerset Public Schools is guided by the following district priorities/initiatives:

Supporting Continuous Improvement and Renewal in:
  • Student Academic Achievement

  • Educator Quality/Teacher Effectiveness

  • Accountability Measures

Addressing Priorities/Goals embedded in the District Strategic Plan (2009-2014) and School Improvement Plans:
  • Review and maintain criteria to ensure that all students qualify to advance to the next grade level. Continue to work towards all children being at the proficient or advanced levels in regards to MCAS performance.
  • Integrate system-wide guidelines as established by the Massachusetts state curriculum for each grade level(s), while continuing to recruit and retain quality teaching staff that will be provided professional development in the area of differentiated instruction and using research-based practices.
  • Support student education by addressing social emotional needs, celebrating diversity and focusing on citizenship.
  • Maintain a high level of fiscal support and credibility in our community and address the significant infrastructure and organizational issues that require immediate attention with appropriate funding.
  • Implement and provide training that is consistent with the district technology plan to support student learning and prepare student to live in a technological world.

Implementing the Recommendations of the District Technology Task Force:
  • Upgrading infrastructure in all schools
  • Integrating technology in the curriculum
  • Securing alternative funding sources
  • Providing high quality professional development/training to support technology